Our Course Offerings
Allegro Prep Piano

The Allegro Prep Piano course, which was established in 1992, has proved to be very successful for the young beginner. The teachers are all fully qualified and experienced and use all the latest creative teaching methods.

Its aims are:
    - to discover the joys of music
    - to understand the fundamentals of music
    - to enjoy music as an art and as a means
      of self expression

The topics covered are:
    - rhythm development
    - pitch development
    - playing the pianica (a small keyboard)
        The student's pianica can be purchased through
        Allegro Music.
    - singing and solfege training
    - active listening
    - music and movement
    - musical notation
    - music appreciation

The benefits achieved are:
    - a sound foundation for musical specialisation
    - better listening, concentration and co-ordination skills
    - greater confidence, co-operation and self-expression promoted through
       group lessons

The award presented is:
    - a Certificate of Attendance at the end of four terms

The class structure is limited to 12 students only (2 teachers per class)

The Allegro Prep Piano course has been specially designed for students from the age of 5 to 6 years old. The course is divided into four terms, each term lasting ten weeks and the students will attend an hour's group lesson weekly.

Please contact Allegro Music for fees and further information.