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Fine Art

We believe that there is an artist lurking inside every child. At the Art Department of Allegro Music & Arts School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we seek to develop and nurture the natural creativity that is already inherent in all of us.

Children are encouraged not only to paint freely and to discover their self-expression, but, more importantly, to enjoy themselves. Starting off with free flowing strokes, students are gradually inculcated with the skill and discipline that every good artist needs.

Allegro's art program begins with basic foundation study about paints and painting techniques. Students then move on to experience various mediums such as painting on cloth, paper, board and canvas. Art students also learn still-life drawing and some craftwork such as manipulating paper and clay, all of which help build healthy hand-eye coordination. Nature is employed as a recurring theme from which students are able to explore many different ideas and create works of art.

Art courses available at our studio:
Junior Art &Craft (from 5 years)
Senior Art (from 9 years)
'O' & 'A' Levels Art
Adult Art & Painting Course
History of Art

Dedicated art teachers to the courses are:
Ms Zila Zain
Ms Belinda Tan
Ms Daphne Choi

For more detailed information, kindly contact Allegro Music & Arts.

Allegro Fine Arts Studio