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Music Faculty : Grace Chin
"A dynamic teacher with lots of enthusiasm and creativity that flows out of the joy of sharing and teaching" (Quote from a parent of a student in Allegro Music)

Grace is a well-respected teacher, able to communicate with students and adults alike. She started piano lessons at the age of 10 with Mrs. Esther Law, the principal of Allegro Music, and successfully completed the Associated Teacher's Diploma from the Trinity College of Music in 1993, when she became one of Allegro Music's pioneer instructors.

In addition to piano teaching, Grace has been very involved in kindergarten music, specialising in preschool music education. Several well-accredited kindergarten schools around the Klang valley, including The Children's House, Tadika Pool Leng and Seri Mawar Preschool in Ampang, have worked closely with Grace for all their kinder-music and annual concerts. Because of her extensive experience in conducting group music classes, Grace has been appointed as one of Allegro Music's Foundation and Preparatory Piano
Course instructors.

Grace is constantly seeking to improve herself in her music teaching and playing techniques and has attended various Music Teacher's Seminars, Workshops and Early Childhood Music Courses. She is currently undertaking an enhancement course in creative music teaching which is being given by a local music specialist and facilitator.
Grace Chin

Senior Academic Staff

Piano & Group Classes