Our Course Offerings
Allegretto Playschool

The Allegretto Playschool provides a high quality preschool learning environment for children aged two to five. Our specially-designed programme is based on the widely-acclaimed Montessori Education System and emphasises not only reading, writing and arithmetic but also music, art and dance.

By encouraging an early love and enthusiasm for music, art and dance, we are laying firm foundations for more serious study and specialisation in these creative arts at a later stage.

At the Allegretto Playschool, children learn in a fun and creative environment through age-appropriate structured activities that help to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Our experienced specialist teachers ensure a friendly and safe setting in which the children are able to fully explore their many diverse interests.

Much of the learning is experiential and as the children develop their social and emotional skills, independence and concentration, they are able to grow in self confidence and self esteem.

The Topics Covered include:
- language, math, writing and culture
- music and movement
- rhythm and pitch development
- percussion and creative play
- active singing and listening
- arts and crafts
- exploring musical instruments
- storytime and simple drama
- early communication and social skills
- music and art appreciation

Classes are available every Tuesday to
Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Parents may opt for two, three
or four sessions per week.
Each class is limited to a
maximum of 10 children and is
facilitated by three teachers and one assistant